i mean really if someone could just knit me this as a sweater

So here I am, Friday morning, just trucking along, when BAM- I see GBD’s call for a secret santa gift exchange! As a lover of secret santa, gifts, holidays, community, all that jazz, I decided to jump in. I’m new to TAY but I want to be involved so I’m throwing my proverbial hat in the ring.

About me: I’m a gamer/ literature nerd so pretty much anything in those categories will bring me so much joy. My favorite games include Starcraft, Arkham Asylum, and Super Mario Bros., but Bloodborne is the game that blew my mind in that last year. I haven’t picked up the DLC yet, and I hear there’s an art book that’s out, or coming out? I’ve been really loving my SNES classic so any games from that era are pretty amazing as well.


I love poetry, particularly American poets from the 1960s (aka the beat generation). Journals and books are a few of my favorite things. I love sci-fi and fantasy, especially in graphic novels. Star Wars and Batman the Animated Series basically raised me. Sandman and Saga are probably my favorites but I also love Daredevil for more conventional stuff.

Really anything gaming or comics related is amazing, whether it’s art, figures, books, clothes or even music. I’m like the ur-nerd but I’m not picky :-)

I’m a slim guy, shirt size small, sweater size small.

I own a PS4, PS3, Vita, and 2DS.

This is exciting!

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